OncoPep Completes $11 Million Series D Financing to Continue Clinical Trials and Advance Pipeline Development

Cambridge, MA – December 09, 2021 – OncoPep, Inc., a developer of transformative immunotherapeutics, announced $11 million in Series D funding. The Series D was led by Tera Science and Kukje Pharma with participation from SX Company and CrystalBioScience.

The Series D funding will enable OncoPep to continue its clinical trials and advance preclinical development of novel pipeline agents. OncoPep’s lead investigational candidate, PVX-410, is a cancer vaccine in clinical development for smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM) and triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

“The financial support provided by these global investors is a crucial step in our journey to transform cancer care,” said Michael Krepps, SVP of OncoPep. “This funding will allow us to continue clinical exploration of our cancer vaccine in combination with proven cancer therapeutics such as pembrolizumab and lenalidomide, and also accelerate preclinical studies for our novel cell therapies and immunotherapeutics,” he added.

In anticipation of expanding its discovery pipeline and clinical development programs, the Massachusetts-based OncoPep has secured new laboratory space in Waltham, MA and office space in Boston’s Kendall Square. OncoPep is also growing its advisory team with the addition of Dr. Dennis Klinman, MD, PhD and Dr. Christopher Bahl, PhD to the Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Klinman has given pivotal contributions to the field of immuno-oncology and vaccinology by being the first to discover CpG oligonucleotides (TLR9 agonists), which are used as immune modifiers in FDA-approved vaccines and for cancer therapy. He spent 15 years at the National Cancer Institute as a Senior Investigator and served as the head of the NCI Cancer and Inflammation Program’s Immune Modulation Section. Dr. Klinman earned his MD and PhD in Medicine from the University of Pennsylvania. His extensive experience in pre-clinical and clinical trial development of novel immunotherapeutics will be a valuable contribution to OncoPep’s efforts to improve cancer patient outcomes.

Dr. Bahl is fusing cutting-edge computer science with synthetic protein biology to develop a new class of therapeutics. In 2019, Dr. Bahl was selected as a TED Fellow for his pioneering work on the de novo design of novel mini-proteins and constrained peptides, an innovative approach for creating therapeutics with potential to tackle long-standing challenges in medicine. In his postdoctoral studies, he successfully developed computational design methods to create constrained peptides, molecules that meld the best attributes of antibodies and small molecules into promising biologic drugs. He is the former Head of Protein Design at the Institute for Protein Innovation and his experience in advancing the protein design field will contribute immensely to OncoPep’s efforts to develop transformative immunotherapeutics. He earned his PhD in Biochemistry from Dartmouth University and holds a BS and MS from the University of Maine.