OncoPep Initiates Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial with Multi-Peptide Vaccine to Treat Smoldering Multiple Myeloma

BOSTON — January 29, 2013 — OncoPep, Inc. today announced that the Company has initiated a Phase 1/2a clinical trial evaluating PVX-410, a multi-peptide therapeutic cancer vaccine, in patients with smoldering multiple myeloma, an asymptomatic precursor of multiple myeloma, which is an incurable cancer of the plasma cells. PVX-410 is composed of four proprietary, synthetic peptides that target specific antigens found on the surface of multiple myeloma cells. Target enrollment for this study is 13 patients. The trial will assess the safety and tolerability of the cancer vaccine, and early-stage data from the study are expected in late 2013.

“The initiation of our first clinical trial is an important milestone for OncoPep and follows positive preclinical studies with PVX-410 that demonstrated the ability to stimulate a strong immune response against multiple myeloma cell lines and patient cells in vitro,” said Doris Peterkin, Chief Executive Officer of OncoPep. “Unfortunately, the only treatment option for patients with smoldering multiple myeloma is ‘watchful waiting’ until they progress to active multiple myeloma, a situation which can be frustrating to both patients and their clinicians. OncoPep hopes PVX-410 will become a treatment option for these patients, which may prevent them from progressing to active disease.”

PVX-410 is the first vaccine candidate developed from the Company’s multi-peptide therapeutic cancer vaccine portfolio, which was exclusively licensed from Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.